TCEC Leagues Season 24

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The page TCEC Season 24 collects an overview the relevant pages concerning the season, further navigation is recommended by Category.

TCEC Season 24 places the Leagues event at the end of the regular chess events: Cup, Swiss, Leagues, followed by FRC and possible TCEC 4k.



Flowchart of promotions (and relegations) in the TCEC Leagues Event


All participants are required and kindly asked to fill in the questionnaire below, by email (if they did not do so already, and also in case something essential was changed in their engine):

  1. Who is the main author of your engine’s code?
  2. Please name any other engines and authors whose code (if applicable: the various parts of) your engine, uses?
  3. What is the license(s) under which (if applicable: the various parts of) your engine’s code is/are placed?
  4. Please name the parts and the authors of the code you use for training in case you use a neural network?
  5. In case your engine uses Training Data (NNUE or NN parts): what is the origin of this data? Did you obtain permission for use from the original authors if applicable?
  6. In case of NNUE: does you engine comply with the unofficial TCEC NNUE Guideline, to the best of your knowledge?

This questionnaire is a requirement for TCEC participation. Answers are not made public by TCEC, but authors can so do of their own accord.

Apart from this. there exists of course also the Chess Programmer Code of Honor.