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===Completed: TCEC FRC2 bonus event===
===Completed: TCEC FRC2 bonus event===
In the absence of a true event page, this section collects the relevant information of the TCEC 2020 FRC2 competition.
[[File:2020 FRC Flowchart.PNG|left|2020 FRC 2 - Flowchart of leagues and stages with equal distance seeding|thumb|700px]]
*[[TCEC FRC 2]]
Invited engines by seeding:
#Stockfish - updated
#Lc0 - parameter change
#Komodo - update to Classical 14.1
#Ethereal - no update
#AllieStein - no update
#Stoofvlees - update to a15
#SlowChess - updated
#Pedone - no update
#Demolito - no update
#Vajolet - no update
#Nemorino - update to NNUE
#Monolith - no update
#Minic - no update (2.46 playing)
#Defenchess - no update 
#Rubichess - update to NNUE
#Critter - special wildcard
The Leagues in detail:
;League A : '''Stockfish''', '''AllieStein''', Demolito, Minic
;League B : '''Komodo''', '''Slowchess''', Nemorino, Rubichess
;League C : '''Lc0''', '''Stoofvlees''', Vajolet, Defenchess
;League D : '''Ethereal''', '''Pedone''', Monolith, Critter
;Semileague 1 : '''Stockfish''', '''Komodo''', Stoofvlees , Pedone
;Semileague 2 : '''Lc0''' , Ethereal, '''AllieStein''', Slowchess
;Final League : '''Stockfish''', '''Lc0''', Komodo, AllieStein
;Final : Final : Lc0 - '''Stockfish'''
===TCEC Cup 7===
===TCEC Cup 7===

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