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Welcome to the TCEC wiki!

As of Season 20 every TCEC Season consists of 4 Events: Season leagues, Cup, FRC and Swiss.

Handy links
  • Openings FAQ - must read for all TCEC viewers
  • TCEC Questionnaire - to be filled in at least once for every participating engine
  • Rules - All rules for the TCEC Season on one page
  • See Seasons and admins with an overview of TCEC timeline.
  • See Engines and authors for overview of engines and their authors, and of the history of each engine appearing in TCEC Seasons.
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General Information

Current and upcoming Events

Current Season 23

  • Completed: S23 Chess Bonus with triple gauntlet of top 3 vs the rest, and Noomen extra bonus.
  • Current: S23 QL L2 L1 testing
  • Upcoming: S23 QL
  • Upcoming: S23 L2
  • Upcoming: S23 L1
  • Upcoming: S23 DivP
  • Upcoming: S23 Infi
  • Upcoming: S23 Sufi

Current: TCEC Leagues Season 23

Future Season 24

Upcoming: TCEC Cup 11

Upcoming: TCEC Swiss 4

Upcoming: TCEC Leagues Season 24

Upcoming: TCEC FRC6

Completed Events

Season 22

  • System updates and maintenance

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 22

Completed: TCEC Cup 10

Completed: TCEC Swiss 3

Completed: Simultaneous bonus

Stockfish has total 30min+3s TC for all 47 games against 47 engines while all opponents have full 30min+3s TC and also total 96GiB hash. Played immediately after Swiss 3. Also reverse games played. How Stockfish time is divided depends on opponent strengths.

Final standings for SF 94 games (logs): +31=51-12 (56.5 points)

Completed: TCEC FRC5

Season 21

Completed: RAM testing Bonus

KomodoDragon vs Stockfish VVLTC Owen defence showdown (360+60)

Completed: VSOB Bonus

LeelaChessZero vs Stockfish (30+5) - equal score at close, SF wins by rmob

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 21

Completed: TCEC Cup 9

Completed: TCEC Swiss 2

Completed: TCEC FRC4

Season 20

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 20

Completed: TCEC Cup 8

Completed: TCEC FRC3

Completed: TCEC Swiss 1

TCEC Season 19

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 19

Completed: TCEC Cup 7

Completed: TCEC FRC2

Though at the time advertised as Bonus event, the TCEC Fischer Random Chess will as of now be a regular part of seasonal events.

TCEC Season 18

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 18

Completed: TCEC Cup 6

TCEC Season 17

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 17

Completed: TCEC Cup 5

TCEC Season 16

Completed: TCEC Leagues Season 16

Completed: TCEC Cup 4

older TCEC Seasons and TCEC Cups can be found in our archive.