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This page concerns TCEC Season 16 of the Top Chess Engine Championship. The tournament structure was changed from the 8 engines per division format to the 16 engines per league format. The premier division was kept as the group for the top 8 engines of the tournament.[1]

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Rules: TCEC Season 16 Rules

Qualification league

1x DRR with time control 30+5 – using a 2 move book, randomized


League 2

1x DRR with time control 30+5 – using a 4 move book, randomized


League 1

1x DRR with time control 45+5 - using a 6 move book, randomized

The highlight game:

  • TCEC Season 16 League 1 Game 103 – Stoofvlees-Ethereal. A remarkable game where Stoofvlees made a long-term positional piece sacrifice. While being a piece down for the most of the remaining game, Stoofvlees maintained the positional advantage to constrain Ethereal, and installed an octopus knight[2] dominating Ethereal's pieces. This finally lead to victory by Stoofvlees.

Other notable games:


League 1 playoffs


Premier division

3x DRR with time control 90′+5″ – using a new 8 move book by Cato aka Nelson Hernandez


100 games with time control 120′+10″ – using a new book by Jeroen Noomen

Twitch page text

Text below is kept for reference, and for comparison to future seasons.

TCEC Season 16 live broadcast
Season 16 of the Top Chess Engine Championship TCEC, the premier chess software competition, starts mid July 2019. It involves the strongest chess programs and neural networks in the traditional division system. A maximum of 44 engines with ELO 3000+ will compete, divided into five divisions and a Superfinal.
TCEC S16 will look to crown the new champion among the chess engines. So far only 4 engines have had this honor:
Season 15: LCZero | Season 14: Stockfish | Season 13: Stockfish | Season 12: Stockfish | Season 11: Stockfish | Season 10: Houdini | Season 9: Stockfish | Season 8: Komodo | Season 7: Komodo | Season 6: Stockfish | Season 5: Komodo | Season 4: Houdini | Season 3: N/A | Season 2: Houdini | Season 1: Houdini
Cup 1: Stockfish | Cup 2: LCZero | Cup 3: LCZero
Season 16 of the Top Chess Engine Championship will begin mid July 2019. It will feature a record number of engines to accommodate the booming sector and a record ELO of the participants. A total of up to 44 engines will face off in a division based system to show the current status quo of mutual strength, and to determine the next grand champion of TCEC.
Where to follow the Top Chess Engine Championship?
The Top Chess Engine Championship has a dedicated website with games going on 24/7 at . You can enjoy the games with live commentary by BlueFish (Stockfish running on 172 cores, represented by a blue line on the graph), Redmodo (Komodo on 128 cores, represented by a red line on the graph) and chat with engine authors, computer chess experts, and friends in the ever lively TCEC chat.
The previous season was record breaking in audience, including in the video broadcast of the event. A total of 500 000+ viewer hours were registered in the past 30 days, which is #1 position on Twitch among the chess channel, and higher than 50% of the total chess audience viewership altogether. You can follow the alternative video broadcast at TCEC Twitch TV
Current TCEC server
CPUs: 2 x Intel Xeon E5 2699 v4 @ 2.8 GHz
Cores: 44 physical
Motherboard: Supermicro X10DRL-i
SSD: Crucial CT250M500 240 GB
Chassis: Supermicro
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Current GPU Server
GPU (2): 1 x 2080 ti + 1 x 2080,
CPU: Quad Core i5 3570k,
RAM: 32GiB DDR3-2400,
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB,
Battery backup: CP1350PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System
TCEC is a competition entirely supported by the audience, your donations and subscriptions are appreciated.
For more information, see


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  2. Anatoli Karpov vs Garry Kasparov, 16th game of the World Championship match, Moscow, 1985.