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See also TCEC Swiss rules‎‎.

Tournament format

The TCEC Swiss 3 uses the TCEC Swiss Tournament System with the following configuration:

  • 11 double rounds
  • Group seeding with 48 engines divided in 8 groups. Groups populated using TCEC S22 final standings and one additional engine.

Invited engines

Here is the full list of engines that are invited and envisioned to participate.

Explanation of typography

Explanation of special typography:

  • bold engines are invited for this particular event and contact has been sought or established with, the author(s)
  • struck through means declined or not participating
  • bold italics means engine and/or update received.
  • italics means engine same as last event.
  • underlined means possible invite



Bugfixes and problems

Bugs (or problems) found during Swiss Testing: ...

Engines not playing


Final standings

... (Scoll down -> Click Standings)


See the page on seeding for procedural details.

Seeding groups

Seeding groups
Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
KomodoDragon ScorpioNN Nemorino Winter Weiss Chiron Amoeba Counter
Stockfish Igel Minic Vajolet2 Bit-Genie Zahak Nirvana Velvet
LCZero Koivisto Seer Berserk Drofa Stash Mantissa Asymptote
rofChade RubiChess Fritz Tucano Marvin MrBob BlackMarlin Cheese
Stoofvlees Ethereal ClassicAra Arasan Topple Monolith Invictus Bagatur
SlowChess Revenge Halogen Wasp Pirarucu Cheng ChessFighter tomitankChess

Seeding order

  1. A1 KomodoDragon
  2. B1 ScorpioNN
  3. C1 Nemorino
  4. D1 Winter
  5. E1 Weiss
  6. F1 Chiron
  7. G1 Amoeba
  8. H1 Counter
  9. A2 Stockfish
  10. B2 Igel
  11. C2 Minic
  12. D2 Vajolet2
  13. E2 Bit-Genie
  14. F2 Zahak
  15. G2 Nirvana
  16. H2 Velvet
  17. A3 LCZero
  18. B3 Koivisto
  19. C3 Seer
  20. D3 Berserk
  21. E3 Drofa
  22. F3 Stash
  23. G3 Mantissa
  24. H3 Asymptote
  25. A4 rofChade
  26. B4 RubiChess
  27. C4 Fritz
  28. D4 Tucano
  29. E4 Marvin
  30. F4 MrBob
  31. G4 BlackMarlin
  32. H4 Cheese
  33. A5 Stoofvlees
  34. B5 Ethereal
  35. C5 ClassicAra
  36. D5 Arasan
  37. E5 Topple
  38. F5 Monolith
  39. G5 Invictus
  40. H5 Bagutur
  41. A6 SlowChess
  42. B6 Revenge
  43. C6 Halogen
  44. D6 Wasp
  45. E6 Pirarucu
  46. F6 Cheng
  47. G6 ChessFighter
  48. H6 tomitankChess

Swiss 2 pairings and results







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