TCEC 1day/move Rules

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TCEC 1day/move - Rules


1. General

ICCF rules for 7 pieces or less, this intended to simulate CC games. R-Mobility optionally

2 games are played at the same time: game and its reverse.

2. Initially

  • Engine update
  • Opening
  • Search, 2 games at the same time: both engines both sides of the opening: This move is played before the next search unless overridden by the team.

3. After the game has started

  • Update to engine can be submitted at any time.
  • (Conditional) move(s) can be submitted at any time and also played if the team wishes.
  • Between events engine is updated if any, if no move was submitted, then move from previous search is used. Team can elect to skip search on the TCEC machine by move submission and wishing to skip the search.

4. Game end

  • Game ends with mate, stalemate, 3-fold, 50-move rule, TB adjudication (Syzygy or r-mobility) or TD adjudication.
  • TD adjudication is 1-0, 0-1, 1/2-1/2 or r-mobility result.

5. Wishes

  • Hopefully in a co-operative spirit trying to find the truth of the positions. There is no limit on what can be used to analyse games and select moves to be played.
  • TD adjudication based on teams agreement and potentially also with consultation with GM.

Further information

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