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2024 FRD 2 - Flowchart of leagues and stages with equal distance top seeding

See also TCEC FRD rules.

Explanation of typography

Explanation of special typography:

  • underlined means possible invite
  • italics - invited for this particular event
  • bold - contact has been sought or established with, the author(s)
  • bold italics - engine and/or update received.
  • struck through - declined or not participating

Participating engines

provisional list including seeding numbers 1-8 for fixed seeding:

  1. Stockfish FRD1 Final 1st, Sufi 1st - invite accepted
  2. LCZero FRD1 Final 2nd, Sufi 2nd
  3. KomodoDragon FRD1 Final League 3rd, DivP 4th - no update
  4. Berserk FRD1 Final League 4th, DivP 3rd - no update
  5. Caissa FRD1 Final League 5th, L1 3rd - updated to version 1.18.7
  6. Ethereal FRD1 Final League 6th, DivP 5th - only 5% chance of update - nevertheless updated via discord
  7. rofChade FRD1 Semileague1 4th, L1 5th - no update
  8. RubiChess FRD1 Semileague1 5th, DivP 7th - updated per discord
  9. Revenge FRD1 Semileague2 5th, L1 8th - update submitted
  10. DeepSjeng FRD1 Semileague1 6th, L2 9th
  11. Viridithas FRD1 Semileague2 6th, L1 6th - updated via discord
  12. Stoofvlees FRD1 League A 4th, DivP 8th - update to stoofvlees_d5 submitted
  13. ScorpioNN FRD1 League B 4th, L2 10th
  14. Velvet FRD1 League D 4th, L1 11th - no update
  15. BlackMarlin FRD1 League A 5th, L2 11th - updated via discord
  16. Equisetum FRD1 League B 5th, EL 6th - update Version 1.4_variegatum.i submitted via discord
  17. Minic FRD1 League C 5th, L1 12th - probably no update yet this time
  18. Weiss FRD1 League A 6th, EL 8th
  19. Winter FRD1 League B 6th, EL 16th - update announced -> PI version Winter 3.1415926 submitted
  20. Marvin FRD1 League C 6th, L2 12th - update to Marvin 6.3.0 submitted
  21. Stormphrax New, L2 7th - updated via discord
  22. Altair New, EL 5th - update to version 7.0.6 submitted
  23. akimbo New, EL 11th - updated per script
  24. Wasp FRD1 League D 5th, EL 12th, Fix needed for serious blunder issue! - update Wasp 7.00 received -> bugfix and updated to 7.01

Engines not (yet) playing

  1. Clover FRD1 Semileague2 4th, L1 10th, Fix needed for time loss issue! -> no fix yet, cannot play this event

Reserve engines:

  1. Stash FRD1 League D 6th, EL 15th - update submitted in case needed as filler engine
  2. Cheng Not in FRD1, Swiss 6 44th
  3. Cheese Not in FRD1, Swiss6 46th
  4. Bagatur Not in FRD1, Swiss6 47th

More reserve engines:

  1. Nemorino didn't play in any of S25..S26 except in S25 FRD1 League A
  2. Vajolet didn't play in any of S23..S26 except in S25 FRD1 League B
  3. SlowChess didn't play in S26, did play in S25 including FRD1 League B
  4. Halogen didn't play in S26, did play in S25 including FRD1 League B
  5. Smallbrain didn't play in S26, did play in S25 including FRD1 League B


FRD 2 submission deadline is: TBD

Start times

  1. Leagues A started
  2. Leagues B started
  3. Leagues C started
  4. Leagues D started
  5. Semileagues 1 started
  6. Semileagues 2 started
  7. Final League started
  8. Final started started


The first 8 in the list of participating engines are fixed seedings, the rest have been [ seeded randomly] over the remaining places.

The Leagues in detail

First phase

League A

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

League B

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

League C

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

League D

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

Second phase

Semileague 1

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

Semileague 2

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

Third phase

Final League

  • [ Final standings] in archive.

FRC Final

  • [ Final standings] in archive.




Whales & Heroes