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Piece sacrifice games

Notes by Occyroexanthub:

Having seen yesterday's Leela's Queen sacrifice with 38.Qf6+! ( ), in the history of TCEC divP's only 2 other times a Queen sacrifice has been made where the side to make the sac to not gain the other Queen in next move or to gain equal material (e.g QxR RxQ and then something takes the Rook so we gave Q for 2 Rooks). These were:

I have found in sufi games only 2 true Queen sacrifices where it's not for having a short mate(mate in 1 or 2) after the move or just to return material after that.

Rook sac for DivP/stage 4 was a disappointment. I did not find any satisfactory Rook sacrifice through all seasons 4-15. Criteria was give Rook for Pawn or nothing, where the side to give the sac, to not gain of course material back or to mate in next 4 plies. I found only this:

These were pretty cases but pretty trivial also i would say: