TCEC Season 20 Engines

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This is a temporary version!! The page below is not yet final.

This page TCEC Season 20 Engines is used for constant updating during TCEC Season 20, to see which engines and updates have been requested, announced and received.

For authors see Engines_and_authors

Explanation of typography

Explanation of special typography:

  • bold engines are invited for this particular event and contact has been sought or established with, the author(s)
  • struck through means declined or not participating
  • bold italics means engine and/or update received.
  • underlined means possible invite

  • click on any crosstable image to enlarge and also to see the r-mobility tiebreaks for that event.


Season 20 flowchart of promotions (and relegations)


  1. ...
  2. ...

Premier Division

  1. ...

League 1

  1. ...

League 2

  1. ...

League 3

  1. ...

Qualification League

  1. ...

Possibly newly to be invited engines

  1. Koivisto
  2. ...

Not playing

  1. ...

Current configuration

Current configuration and compilation output This is same as the first item in list below.

Pre QL and L3 config